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An unabashed liberal who has been involved in liberal and democratic politics since 1962, Dr. Phil was the state chairman of the New York State Young Liberals from 1964 to 1968. Upon relocating to Pennsylvania and earning a doctorate at Temple University, Dr. Phil has worked in the the field of special needs education for 39 years, until his retirement from in 2008. Dr. Phil served a 6 year term on the President's Council on Employment of the Disabled and was the Pennsylvania State President of the Mental Retardation Division of the Council of Exceptional Children. He was also a national vice president of the division on career development of the Council for Exceptional Children. He has been a speaker at both a national and international level on the rights of the disabled. He was a ward leader in Philadelphia and a school board and Vocational Technical School Board member in Montgomery county.

Retirement has brought a renewed dedication and interest in human rights issues here in the United States and Internationally. Women's rights, workers rights, health care rights, as well as the civil rights we have fought for our entire lives are being challenged every day by the radical right. They are in danger!!! We all must become activists!!!!!

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